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Fleeting Friendships

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My thoughts on the people you meet whilst you’re on the road.

As I sat with the other travellers living in the hostel, I couldn’t help but notice the coalition in front of me. All from different parts of the world gathered at the table surrounded by music, alcohol and cigarettes, trading stories of their past and would be futures. Sharing exotic fruits one brought from the rainforest and all had input on what they thought it could be. An assembly of men and women who have met in passing all united by travel. And as I listened to their conversations and drifted into my mental plane, I start to contemplate the notion of “Fleeting Friendships” and applied it to the collective I sat with. What is the likelihood of these travellers, whom have a bond that could compete with the longest friendships, to ever cross paths again once they go on with their journey. Sure some may decide to travel together or meet up in another place but more likely than not, this could potentially be the last time they will see each other again, and that frightens a lot of people. To depart from the ones you have spent an extensive amount of time with can be dispiriting, however it can also make you realise that time is valuable and most things don’t last, especially as a traveller, thus you end up making more of an effort to be part of the lives you’ve met. You can have the conversations you wouldn’t normally have with your friends as past assumptions don’t exist. You can be yourself without worry of judgement and they’ll most likely adore you for it. You have the incentive to enjoy your time with them as much as you can, to live in the moment as you are aware that time restricts us all. And in doing all of this, you have hopefully built a friendship so strong not even an iceberg could sink. A connection where you don’t need to say goodbyes as you know you will see them again. In fact you will encourage the idea of being apart as once you are reunited you have more stories to tell and more knowledge to share. At least that’s how I see it. Everybody leaves and nobody likes goodbyes, why not find a way around it.

So the next time you’re out there and you meet people whom you adore, don’t let yourself get to the stage of sorrow when it’s time to depart from each other. Enjoy their time as much as you can and build a true connection as every time you do, you will never say goodbye, only see you later.


Happy Travels.

A dreamer born in Manila, Philippines but raised in Brighton, England. A graduate musician, chef by trade and a traveller at heart. Live the life you love and love the life you live.

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